A Journey Into The World’s 8 Most Luxury Sleeper Cars & Train Suites

Introduction – Luxury Train Sleeper Cars That Deliver 5-Star Hotel Amenities And Comfort

All aboard for an enchanting sojourn into the world of luxury sleeper train cabins. This blog will take you through the world’s eight most famous luxury trains and give you a brief insight into the luxurious train cabins available. Luxury trains with private rooms and sumptuous en-suite bathrooms are a thing to behold, and many people from across the globe choose high-end train travel as their perfect getaway and a way to experience something new and intoxicating. So, let’s jump into the realm of luxury sleeper train accommodation and see what awaits those seeking a locomotive adventure.

Belmond’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suites: Breathtaking Luxury Train Cabins

Boarding the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for a stay in a luxury train cabin promises the start of a journey into the epitome of luxury provided by this world-famous train. Residence in one of the Grand Suites turns this sleeper cabin on-train experience into something phenomenal. The level of quality at your fingertips is usually only acquired by royals and heads of state, from the sumptuous upholstery to a marbled en-suite luxury train bathroom. Passengers can enjoy their luxury train bedroom with its cloud-like double bed, Art Deco marquetry, private in-cabin dining with personal butler, and free-flowing champagne. This genuinely iconic train departs the French capital, heading for Vienna as undoubtedly one of the world’s most sumptuous luxury sleeper trains.

The Blue Trains Luxury Suites: Journey From Pretoria to Cape Town in a Private Luxury Train Bedroom

Passengers inhabiting one of the Luxury train suites are afforded spectacular and uninterrupted panoramic views of Africa while being pampered in the comfort of these luxury train sleeper cars. Each Luxury Suite rail cabin offers very spacious accommodation with either twin beds or one double bed, goose down duvets and pillows, big screen TV, Wi-Fi, luxurious fixtures and fittings, and a luxury train bathroom with a long bathtub, plenty big enough for a long soak at the end of a relaxing day. Concerning the Blue Train, available packages are routinely spoken about as offering one of the best sleeper trains in the world, and with these luxurious train cabins, it’s easy to see why.

most luxurious train suites blue train
most luxurious train suites blue train 2

Maharajas Express Presidential Suite: Incredibly Luxurious Train Cabins Befitting of Royalty

This luxury tourist train in India is without doubt special, and luxury sleeper train suites don’t come much more exclusive than the Presidential Suite onboard this nearly half-mile-long railroad behemoth, as there is only one of the suites onboard. At 448 sq. ft, this luxury train cabin, named Navratana, comes with a private living room and two sumptuous bedrooms with a luxury train bathroom for each. The decor and furnishings are fit for a royal palace and would have served the Maharajas of an era gone by well. For those fortunate enough to enjoy residence in the Presidential Suite, a personal valet is on hand around the clock to attend to their every need. Although this train sleeper cabin will cost you a princely sum, no other sleeper cabin on-train experience is like it.

most luxurious train suites maharahjas express
most luxurious train suites maharahjas express 2

Orient Express Presidential Suite: A Train Sleeper Cabin Exuding Refinement and Elegance

Not to be confused with the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, this is due to go into service in 2024 and is being offered by French hospitality group Accor. Using 17 carriages from the original service, the train interior will be designed by Maxime d’Angeac, a rather well-known maximalist. The decor will include plush velvets, stunning bevelled mirrors, mahogany, crystal, and mother-of-pearl accents. The Presidential Suite will be a masterpiece sleeper train cabin with Lalique panelling, Cabinet de l’Égoïste, and a wonderfully inviting gas fireplace. At 69 feet long and 9 feet wide, this luxury train cabin is vast and will undoubtedly help it become one of the best sleeper trains in the world.

Danube Express Superior Deluxe Class: Beautifully Appointed Train Suites Offering Comfort and Style

The Danube Express train offers passengers numerous journeys that can be enjoyed from the extreme comfort of its luxury train sleeper cars. This is one of Europe’s top luxury sleeper trains, and the Superior Deluxe Class cabins provide superb luxury and relaxation while viewing Eastern Europe. From a Deluxe Class rail cabin, guests can benefit from a king-size bed, two large picture windows, daytime seating, AC and Wi-Fi, and a private luxury train bathroom. If you like travelling on trains with private rooms that offer fabulous comfort combined with a very high standard of service, a trip on the Danube Express could be just what you’re looking for.

most luxurious train suites danube express
most luxurious train suites danube express 2

Train Suite Shiki-Shima: Contemporary Luxury Sleeper Train With Two-Floor Sleeper Train Cabin

Parading modernistic flowing silhouettes and a design ethos of modern minimalism, the Land of the Rising Sun’s Shiki-Shima luxury sleeper train exemplifies a departure from the conventional. As it embarks on various journeys traversing Tohoku and Hokkaido, this hybrid-propelled train pulls 17 luxury train cabins. Car number seven is the most exceptional luxury train sleeper car, home to the twin-floored Shiki-Shima Suite. Spanning two floors in a duplex style arrangement, this astonishing haven boasts traditional Japanese tatami mats, washi paper-clad walls, and a unique 300-year-old cypress wooden bathtub housed in the luxury train bathroom. Car seven is also home to the train sleeper cabin, the Deluxe Suite Room, a slightly less spacious single-story accommodation featuring a fireplace. 

Belmond’s Andean Explorer: Savour Your Luxury Sleeper Train Cabin on a Breathtaking Rural Adventure

When it comes to luxury trains, South America has the Andean Explorer. A sleeper train cabin onboard allows for the seamless fusion of world-class luxury and breathtaking panoramic landscapes. The charm of one of the best sleeper trains in the world unfolds as you step into a world of extravagance on this magical rural adventure. Each luxury rail cabin is a sanctuary of comfort embellished with the most exquisite soft furnishings and high-quality fixtures. As you sit back and relax in the tranquillity of your luxury train bedroom that includes sumptuous bedding and daytime seating, the Andean Explorer invites you to savour each and every moment of this truly unique adventure that cocoons you in the unrivalled style of this luxury sleeper train.

most luxurious train suites andean explorer
most luxurious train suites andean explorer 2

Trans-Siberian Express Imperial Suites: Jaw-Dropping Luxury Train Cabins for the World’s Longest Rail Journey

The Trans Siberian Express is possibly one of the most famous train journeys in the world. Still, it would be fair to say that many people wouldn’t necessarily associate luxury sleeper trains with the journey. The Golden Eagle Moscow to Vladivostok passage via Mongolia allows passengers to travel in the height of luxury in the Imperial Suites. These luxurious train cabins boast 120 sq. ft of floor space, a large double bed, and a lounge area. A private luxury train bathroom is available to the suite’s inhabitants. A power shower shower, underfloor heating, LCD TV, DVD/CD player, and air conditioning are also included in the luxury sleeper train amenities.

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