Golden Eagle Luxury Train FAQs

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Freqently asked questions about the golden eagle luxury train

We understand that you will have many questions about booking this luxury Trans-Siberian experience. The most frequently asked are below but please do not hesitate to contact us about any further questions you have as we are delighted to help.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book ?

The Golden Eagle is a Trans-Siberian exclusive trip that has very few departures throughout the year. It also enjoys high demand. We strongly recommend that clients book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Can You Book International Flights For Us ?

Absolutely! We can book both internal and international flights with our ATOL license. As an appointed operator, we have access to some of the best British Airways deals. We will gladly give you a quote if you let us know the airports that interest you.

Is The Trans-Siberian & Central Asia Safe To Travel ?

The route had a poor reputation for many years. However, it is now safe and easy for the vast majority of people. Your train is a private one so your access is restricted. Our guides are committed to your safety during your entire trip.

Are Your Tours Financially Protected ?

Yes! All our trips come with financial protection either through our ATOL – license number 10287 – if the trip includes a flight or insurances which comply with the UK package travel regulations for any trip that does not include a flight. In addition our ABTA membership – number Y1699 – means we must adhere to their strict code of conduct.

Can You Obtain & Advise On The Visas For Us ?

Visas can be complicated so we recommend that you use a specialist agent to help you with your visa application. We also recommend that you make arrangements with CIBT VisaCentral, who provide a reliable service for all visas required for your trip. We provide all documentation required to support your application.

Can You Book St Petersburg For Us ?

Yes! Because our St Petersburg tour add-on is private, it can be tailored to suit your individual needs. We can also arrange tours to the amazing Golden Ring cities, which are located to the North East of Moscow.

Can You Book Extensions In China For Us ?

Yes! We can arrange a wide range of trips in China and Tibet to complement and enhance your Golden Eagle trip. The China Travel Company is our sister company and offers a wide range of tours there. Contact us for more details.

What Is The Difference Between The Train Cabin Classes ?

It is crucial that you choose the right cabin to accommodate your trip. We have therefore created a detailed section on all the types of train cabins you can choose from on the Golden Eagle. For more information please see the “cabin classes” section.

Is It Better To Start The Trip In Moscow, Vladivostok Or Ulaanbaatar ?

In the end, it comes down to personal preference as to whether you start your trip from Vladivostok, Ulaanbaatar or Moscow. Khabarovsk can only be visited if you are departing from Vladivostok.

Are There Porters To Help With Baggage ?

To help us load our bags onto the train, there are porters at all the stations and hotels.

Are There Daily Briefings On The Places We Pass Through ?

The brochure for the chosen route will detail the journey and places visited by the passengers as they board the train. Daily updates will be sent to passengers throughout the tour, detailing information such as weather forecasts and details about excursions.

Are All Off Train Excursions Included In The Price ?

All excursions are included with most of the tours. There may be an extra charge for an optional excursion. If you don’t wish to go on an excursion off-train, you have the option of staying onboard the train (Golden Eagle only), and/or making private arrangements. As the train is not able to delay, it will require you to ensure that you return to the train at the scheduled departure time.

Where Are The Off-train Tour Guides From ?

We provide local guides who are English speaking.

Are The Guides English Speaking ?

Yes, both the onboard and local tour guides speak English. If you need an interpreter in another language, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your requests (some extra charges may apply).

Are Clients With Limited Mobility Able To Go On All Excursions ?

To accommodate wheelchair-bound passengers, we must make arrangements for this at the time you book. Additional charges will apply if assistance is needed. However, you may not have the opportunity to participate in all of these excursions.

Can Passengers Make Their Own Arrangements For Off-Train Excursions ?

Passengers can make their own arrangements. However they need to be at the train on time. The train cannot delay and must leave on schedule. The train can be moved to another platform or depot during an off-train excursion. If passengers wish to make their own plans, the Tour Manager should be notified.

How Many People Travel To The Same Sites At The Same Time ?

The buses carry up to 35 passengers and tours may be divided into groups to visit specific sites/museums etc.

Can Passengers Make A Request To See The Engine Or Drive It ?

The train cannot be driven by passengers. However, the engine may be visible when the train stops at stations. You can ask the Tour manager to arrange this for you.

What Are The Booking And Payment Terms ?

On booking a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total tour price plus any international flights we are booking for you. Full payment is required 90 days before the trip start date.

International flights, beverages not included, visa fees and any services not mentioned are not included in the price.

Golden Eagle Cancellation conditions:Up to 61 days prior to departure: 20 % of total price60 days or less prior to departure: 100% of total price

Any part of the program that is missed because of late arrival is non-refundable.

How Do I Make A Booking ?

Call our office on +44 020 8191 0620 or email and speak to one of our consultants. Provisional reservations can be held for up to 7 days without payment. After this time confirmation is required or the cabin will be provisional reservation will be released. Upon receiving confirmation, an invoice will be issued and deposit payment is due upon receipt of this. The deposit payment secures your place on the tour.

Is There A Charge For Using A Credit Card ?

Credit card transactions can incur a 2% surcharge. There is no additional charge for debit card transactions.

When Is The Deposit Due ?

After we receive your travel confirmation, we will issue you an invoice and a confirmation letter. After receipt of the invoice, the deposit will be due. Deposit payments cannot be refunded.

When Is The Final Balance Due ?

The balance is due 90 days prior to departure. We will not issue a final balance so please make a note of the balance due date. Cancellations received within 90 days of departure are subject to full loss of payment.

When Will I Receive My Travel Documents ?

Approximately 1 month prior to departure you will receive, by e-mail, an ‘Update Letter’ containing further information on your tour (weather, what to pack etc.) along with all the relevant visa information.

Do You Issue A Train Ticket ?

Our trains do not require a ticket for travel. You will not be issued any travel vouchers or a train tickets.

How Many Tour Managers Are There Onboard ?

One senior tour manager and several assistants are onboard depending on the number of passengers.

Is There A Doctor On Board At All Times ?

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains includes a doctor who travels along with the train and passengers at any time. Our doctors can be reached 24 hours a week and provide primary health care. They can prescribe medication. Please bring enough to last you the entire time. Is the doctor English-Speaking? We will always try to provide an English-speaking Doctor. However, this may not be possible due to exceptional circumstances. In these instances, translations will also be provided.

What Happens In The Event Hospital Treatment Is Needed ?

We will take you to hospital and ensure that you are comfortable. If needed, we will contact family members back at home.

How Many People Do The Cabin Attendants Look After ?

This depends on how the train is run, but in general 2 cabin attendants look after 10 people.

Can You Cater To Specific Dietary Requirements ?

We can accommodate most dietary needs. For more information, please call our office.

Are Beauty Treatments Available Onboard ?

These are not available onboard but may be available in then tour hotels.

What Activities Are Available Onboard ?

Russian language classes can be taken on board the Golden Eagle. Bar Lounge Car passengers can borrow DVDs or books.

Is There Set Seating In The Dining Car ?

All passengers are free to choose their seat for any meal. You will receive information about meal times in the daily program.

Is Internet Available On The Train ?

Although the train doesn’t have Wi-Fi, we do have several internet adaptors for the Golden Eagle Bar Lounge Car. These adaptors can only be used with personal laptops. They are not available in advance. The internet coverage is not always available in larger cities or towns.

What Is The Mobile Phone Coverage Like ?

Mobile phone coverage isn’t always available. It may not be available in less densely populated areas. For more information on coverage, we recommend you consult your service provider.

Is There A Recommended Time Of Arrival On The First Day ?

We recommend you arrive between 11.00-16.00 so that you can attend the Welcome Lunch. Most hotels check-in at 12 noon. Check-in times for early check-in are dependent on availability. Charges may apply.

Is There A Recommended Time Of Departure On The Last Day ?

You can check out at any time until the last day. Most hotels check out by 12 noon. However luggage storage may be available. Late checkout is possible depending on hotel availability. Additional charges may apply.

When Is The Best Time To Go Weather-wise ?

It depends on what you prefer. Russia is well-known for its winter freezing temperatures. However, the capital of Russia is located in central Europe, so it enjoys a continental climate. Russia has two seasons. Summer and winter are the most extreme. You can expect temperatures as low as minus 30C in the winter months (December through March). Temperatures range between 20c to 30c in spring and summer.

Are There Opportunities To Exercise On The Tour ?

You can find gym equipment in the hotel. There is no exercise facility onboard the train. The tours can require some walking.

What Happens If I Miss My Flight Or Are Delayed ?

Prior to their departure, clients will be issued a 24-hour Emergency Card and all necessary documentation. This card includes the contact numbers of our representatives both in their country of origin and at our UK office. They can call the correct person on the card if there are any problems.

Are There Any Luggage Size Or Quantity Restrictions On The Train ?

For luggage storage, there is only limited space within the cabin. It’s easier to store soft-topped luggage. You can’t store luggage underneath the beds. An area for luggage storage is provided at each carriage’s end. We recommend passengers store all their luggage in this area. We will be happy to assist you.

What Is The Dress Code On The Train ?

You can wear casual clothing on the train as well as during the day. In the evening, we recommend wearing smart casual.

What Type Of Footwear Is Required ?

Walking is part of every tour. We recommend that passengers bring comfortable walking shoes. To avoid possible slippage, it is recommended that you use shoes with a rubber sole.

Do I Need To Take My Own Toiletries ?

Each cabin contains L’Occitane (or similar) toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, shower cream and shampoo. Each cabin also includes a hairdryer.

Do I Need To Make Special Arrangements If Travelling With Medication ?

Clients must make sure they have enough prescription medication. Before travelling, clients are advised to obtain medical clearance. Clients traveling with prescription medication must be informed to our onboard physician.

Are Any Special Vaccinations Required ?

We are unable to provide medical advice. Clients will need to consult their GP or local clinic for the latest information about vaccinations. We do require that all passengers are double-vaccinated against Covid 19, or can provide exemption certificates.

What Is The Average Age Of Passengers ?

No age restrictions are placed on our tours. Most of our visitors are 55 years old or older. The average age for our travellers is 64. Tours may not be suitable to young children. Please confirm with us at the time that you make your booking.

Are There Any Minimum Passenger Requirements ?

The departure will vary. Our maximum capacity for departures is 120. Some tours have a minimum number. Golden Eagle Luxury Trains offers a modified version of regular service trains that will accommodate a smaller number of passengers or an alternative tour. If an alternative solution is not available, a full refund may be offered.

What Language Are The Tours Conducted In ?

English will be the official language of the tour. Other language guides can be requested for select departures. Contact us to find out more.

What Is Included In The Price ?

All accommodation as per the itinerary, both onboard the train and in hotels. All meals starting with dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day of the tour (on some tours this may differ slightly, please refer to the specific itinerary). A generous allowance of wine, beer, soft drinks and tea and coffee with all lunches and dinners both on and off the train (except where stated otherwise). All arrival and departure transfers, guided off-train sightseeing excursions, the services of experienced tour leaders, complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water 24 hours a day, all gratuities, the services of a doctor (except where stated otherwise).

What Is Not Included ?

All international and domestic flights, visas, excess baggage fees, and insurance. Silver Class passengers do not get personal expenses like laundry or drinks in the Bar Lounge Car. Passenger in Gold Class receives inclusive drinks from Standard Bar List. Imperial Suite passengers get inclusive drinks from Premium and Standard Bar Lists and a complimentary laundry service. Some tours may offer an optional activity that can be paid locally.

Is Insurance Included & Do I Need It ?

It is a booking condition to be fully insured for any medical expenses you may incur while on vacation. We recommend purchasing cancellation insurance to cover you in the event that you are unable for some reason. For more information please contact us.

What Standard Of Hotels Do You Use As Part Of The Tour?

The price of the tour includes hotel accommodation according to the itinerary. All hotels are 5 stars of the best in their locality. Upgrades are possible upon request and subject to availability.

Do I Need To Tip ?

All gratuities are included in the tour price and we encourage passengers to refrain from offering gratuities to crew/hoteliers/drivers etc as we will tip on your behalf. Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is happy to reward exceptional service by passengers.

What Currency Will I Need To Bring ?

US Dollars, Euros, and Euros are accepted as currency on the train. While passengers don’t require much currency to board the train, they can pay for laundry or bar bills. It is possible to open a ‘tab onboard’ and make one payment at end of tour. If the bill does not exceed US$100, passengers must pay in cash. For payments greater than US$100, international credit card (VISA and MasterCard), are accepted. We recommend that passengers travel with small denominations, clean bills and not torn US Dollar notes. The money clients need to purchase souvenirs, and for any other shopping that they do on the train. This money can be paid in local currency. In certain cases, it can also be paid in US Dollars. Your Tour Manager (or guide) will tell you where, if required, to change the money.

Where & How Do I Obtain Visas ?

Many visas require that you apply for them well in advance. Visa requirements should be checked promptly as processing times and entry requirements vary by nationality. You should also check whether a single, multiple or double entry visa is required for certain tours. All the information you need to get the visas will be sent to you by us. Visas are not allowed to be applied for longer than three months before departure. During the visa application process, which can take several months, you will need your passport. We use the services CIBT VisaCentral as our visa support agency. For more information, please contact us.

Can I Use Credit Cards & Travellers Cheques On The Trip ?

ATM machines can now be found in all the major cities along our routes. All hotels that we use will accept major credit and debit cards. Traveller’s check are practically impossible to exchange.

Are Transfers Included ?

All tours include transfers to and from the airport. We will arrange your transfers if you provide us with your arrival and departure details.

What Happens When I Arrive At The Airport Or Train Station ?

You will be met at the point you arrive by one of our representatives, who will be waiting for you with a Golden Eagle Luxury Trains sign. If you’re arriving by air, your representative will meet you at the airport after you have completed immigration. Our representative will then help you to get to the hotel’s transfer vehicle.

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