8 Luxury Trains in Switzerland You Should Try in 2024

Are you dreaming of an adventure on a luxury Swiss train? Like many fellow travel enthusiasts exploring the heart of Europe, travelling on luxury trains in Switzerland sits sky high on the checklist of things to experience. Luxury train holidays in Switzerland are renowned not only for the breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains, spectacularly engineered tunnels, astonishing bridges, and rolling panoramic hills but also for the world-class luxury of the trains themselves. Let’s delve into some of the finest Swiss luxury train adventures you should unquestionably mull over for 2024 that you’ll never forget.

Bernina Express: Experience the Ultimate Luxury Train Ride in Switzerland

The Bernina Express offers passengers magical four-hour Switzerland luxury train tours between the Alpine city of Chur and Tirano in the province of Sondrio in Italy. This luxury Swiss train runs year-round and is among the most iconic railway voyages in the country. Embarking on one of these Switzerland luxury train tours will see passengers journey through spiralling alpine loops, traverse nearly 200 bridges, and wind through over tunnels. Guests onboard can relax in the beautifully appointed coaches and marvel at the architectural wonder of the Landwasser Viaduct, the serenity of Lake Bianco, UNESCO-listed landscapes, the Swiss Alps, and numerous chocolate box villages. If luxury train travel in Switzerland is your thing, this could tick all the right boxes and deliver an exceptional and unforgettable journey.

Gotthard Panorama Express: Discover Switzerland’s Scenic Beauty

The Gotthard Panorama Express is a less high-profile luxury train ride in Switzerland, but no less spectacular. Unlike most luxury Swiss train tours, this one takes you on an adventure that blends rail and boat travel as it unveils some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders during a five-and-a-half-hour journey in total luxury. Switzerland train adventures don’t come much more unique than this, as passengers can relax as the train traverses from Lucerne to Lugano, meandering through incredible scenery that takes in Lake Lucerne and the historic Gotthard Pass. All aboard this Switzerland luxury train ride can absorb the essence of the staggeringly beautiful country, where every view tells a story.

Glacier Express: The Best Luxury Train in Switzerland

Like the world-famous Orient Express, in Switzerland, the Glacier Express is the most iconic and highly spoken of luxury train. The Glacier Express is quite a legendary luxury train in Switzerland that takes passengers on a nearly eight-hour journey that connects Zermatt with St Moritz, taking in 291 bridges and 91 tunnels as those on board get treated to the most spectacular Alpine vistas. These luxury train rides in Switzerland twist their way through picturesque valleys and snow-capped mountain peaks as the breathtaking scenery appears through every window. This luxury Swiss train treats those onboard to vies of the Rhine Gorge and the Oberlap Pass as this magical journey delivers a symphony of natural wonders blended with first-class amenities and service.

Luzern–Interlaken Express: The Epitome of Luxury Train Travel in Switzerland

The Luzern-Interlaken Express is a chocolate-box journey into the heart of the country, offering the lucky passengers an enchanting experience amidst stunning Alpine landscapes. The country’s two most enchanting destinations are seamlessly linked with some remarkable scenery during this two-hour luxury train tour in Switzerland. This luxury Swiss train meanders through lush green valleys, underneath towering snowy peaks, and past tranquil clear lakes, showcasing the best of what Mother Nature has created. If you’re an enthusiast of nature and luxury rail travel, this luxury train travel in Switzerland is too good to ignore. A seat onboard this Swiss luxury train promises a unique and unforgettable adventure. 

Golden Pass Express: Premier Luxury Train Tour in Switzerland with Breathtaking Landscapes

The Golden Pass Express is a luxury Switzerland train that takes passengers on a breathtaking five-hour adventure into the heart of the country, where those lucky enough to be on board get treated to absolutely mind-blowing views. Modelled on the world’s most iconic train, this 1930s-inspired replica Orient Express in Switzerland connects the incredible towns of Montreux on Lake Geneva and Lucerne in Central of the country. From May to December, passengers travel in luxurious surroundings and can explore a cheese and chocolate factory. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or simply seeking adventure, these luxury train rides in Switzerland deliver luxury and unforgettable exploration. 

Matterhorn Gotthard Express: Explore the Swiss Alps in Style!

Located in the heart of the Alps, the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway is home to a truly stunning luxury Swiss train. The Matterhorn Gotthard Express traverses the unbelievable Alpine vistas, connecting Zermatt and St Moritz. This is luxury train travel in Switzerland in its pomp, and passengers can relax in the luxury of a carriage as the train winds through narrow valleys, crossing dizzying viaducts and numerous tunnels carved out from the rugged mountainsides. This Swiss luxury train is more than simply a means of getting from A to B. It’s an immersive experience that offers a glimpse into the country’s natural and cultural splendour. 

Voralpen-Express A Hidden Gem Among Switzerland’s Luxury Train Rides

There’s more to luxury train travel in Switzerland than towering snowy peaks and deep gorges. The Voralpen-Express offers enthusiasts a picturesque journey through undulating hills, charming villages, and delightful orchards as passengers travel from the Eastern city of St. Gallen to Luzern in the country’s centre. This breathtaking Switzerland luxury train ride meanders through the heart of the region, taking in serene lakes, lush meadows, and the Alps, immersing travellers in outstanding natural beauty. The Vorapen-Express promises to combine modern comfort with traditional charm and character, taking in panoramic views from inside the spacious carriages. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-timer, this luxury train in Switzerland promises an unforgettable adventure. 

Thurbo Lake Line: A Unique Luxury Train Holiday in Switzerland’s Picturesque Settings

Railway fanatics are in for a treat as this luxury Swiss train embarks on an unforgettable journey through the country’s centre, taking in breathtaking landscapes along the Thurbo Lake Line. Nestled amidst the beautiful Swiss countryside, this enchanting route delivers an immersive experience where passengers can soak up every last vista from the comfort of a very comfortable carriage. These luxury train rides in Switzerland traverse the idyllic shores of crystal-clear Alpine lakes and lush green valleys as the Thurbo Lake Line delivers the essence of the country’s natural beauty in its purest form. You don’t want to miss this luxury train ride in Switzerland from Schaffhausen to Rorschach or St. Gallen.


Luxury Trains Switzerland FAQs

Luxury trains in Switzerland are nothing new, and it’s fair to say that you have many trains and destinations to explore. As well as luxury sleeper trains in Switzerland, you’ll also find shorter journeys ranging from an hour to a full day of exploring this incredible country. The Golden Pass Express provides a step back in time with its 1930s-inspired carriages as the beautiful Swiss luxury train takes in some of the country’s most incredible views between Montreux on Lake Geneva and Lucerne. The Bernina Express, Gotthard Panorama Express, and Glacier Express should also be high on your list of Switzerland luxury train tours, as they all provide stunning natural views of snowy Alpine peaks and picturesque chocolate box villages throughout their routes. 

To book tickets for a luxury train tour in Switzerland, you can visit the official website of the respective train service or book through a trustworthy travel company such as The Luxury Train Travel Company. You can also purchase a Swiss Travel Pass that will offer unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System Network. Once purchased, your pass will even give you access to certain luxury trains. Tourists often choose this option as it provides flexibility while exploring this beautiful region.

Luxury train holidays in Switzerland offer bespoke experiences for travellers, combining comfort with breathtaking scenery. In contrast to regular rail services, these luxury Swiss train tours provide opulent accommodations, gourmet dining, and highly attentive service amidst spectacular Alpine views. Switzerland, luxury train tours, often include exclusive stops at some iconic destinations, such as glamorous resorts and cultural landmarks, adding to the allure of the journey. In essence, a trip on a luxury Swiss train epitomises refined travel with a blend of opulence and unbeatable natural beauty.

Yes, there are a couple of luxury sleeper trains in Switzerland, like the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express, for overnight travel. Passengers can enjoy upscale amenities, stunning panoramic views, and incredibly comfortable sleeping accommodations. The Swiss Alps are in full view during these experiences, with the Glacier Express widely regarded as the best luxury train in Switzerland.

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