Luxury Tren Al Andalus Tours In Southern Spain

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About The Al Andalus Luxury Train

Tren Al Andalus tours promise an enchanting combination of Belle Epoque charm and contemporary comfort as this beautifully restored late 1920s train unhurriedly weaves through Southern Spain. Train Al Andalus represents the epitome of luxury train travel in Spain, unlocking a world of spectacular Andalusian countryside and architecturally magnificent cities supported by fabulous cuisine and opulent accommodations.

Luxury Tours on the Al Andalus

Below are the rail tours we offer that use the Al Ándalus Luxury Train. Just click on any tour to open a PDF containing all you need to know about the trip.

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Al Andalús Luxury Train Cabin Classes

Al Andalus rooms are designed to provide privacy and rest for customers. They also have all the amenities that first-class accommodation has. All suites have independent air conditioning. The cabin can be used as a living room during the day before being converted to your bedroom by the attendants in the evening.

Deluxe Class Cabins – Al Andalús Luxury Train

Spacious and elegant suite laid out over a bedroom and private bathroom which combines the comforts of the 21st century with the original appearance of this historic train. Perfectly suited for rest, privacy as well as daytime and evening relaxation. It features a two-meter-long double bed which can be turned into a sofa during the day. Possibility of adding an extra small bed for kids. A safe, minibar, closet, luggage rack and climate control. Comfortable and spacious private bathroom with a shower, hairdryer and varied set of welcome and bath items with unique fragrance and toilet bag. All suites are air-conditioned with independent adjustment. During the day the room is a comfortable living room with a sofa, while at night the beds are folded to become an impeccable bedroom.

Deluxe cabin size is (8,5 m²) with a Queen bed (150 x 200 cm)

Al Andalus deluxe class cabin new 2
Al Andalus deluxe class cabin new 1

Gran Class Cabins – Al Andalús Luxury Train

A cozy room with a private bathroom which preserves the size and the charm of the original compartments. It features two single beds which can be turned into arm chairs during the day. Minibar, safe, wardrobe, luggage rack and climate control. A functional private bathroom with maximum use of its space, equipped with shower, hairdryer and a varied set of welcome and bath items with unique fragrance and toilet bag. All suites are air-conditioned with independent adjustment. During the day the room is a comfortable living room with a sofa, while at night the beds are folded to become an impeccable bedroom.

Gran Clase cabin size is (6,5 m²) with 2 Twin bed (80 x 185 cm)

Al Andalus gran class cabin new 2
Al Andalus gran class cabin new 1

Al Ándalus Luxury train Gallery

A selection of photos below give a flavour of life on board the Al Ándalus Luxury Train.

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Experience The Breathtaking Andalusian Region of Spain On board the Incredible Luxury Train

Andalusia is blessed with a strong cultural identity and is considered a very romantic region; it is, after all, the home of flamenco. It is also the home of incredible natural beauty, spanning Europe’s second-highest mountain range, ancient oak forests, tidal marshes, and the continent’s only desert. A journey onboard the Al Andalus luxury train will give you the perfect observation point for exceptionally panoramic views, making a Tren Al Andalus holiday the ideal option for the discerning traveller looking for variety.

This luxury Spanish train delivers views on views as it passes through the incredible Andalusian countryside en route to the region’s most endearing destinations. Representing the height of luxury train travel, Spain offers you the majestic cities of Jerez, Sevilla, Cordoba, Baeza, Ronda, and Granada. This truly is the benchmark for luxury rail travel, and with the region and train itself having so much to offer, a Tren Al Andalus tour is the perfect way to get away and receive a unique experience.

Explore the Al Andalus Train Route With Beautifully Curated Itineraries

The Al Andalus train in Spain offers passionate travellers a choice of two itineraries. The first option is a seven-day, six-night journey from Sevilla to Malaga, and the second is the return journey departing Malaga and heading to Sevilla. The Sevilla to Malaga Al Andalus Train route begins by checking in at the Hotel Alfonso XIII before taking a brief tour of the city while your luggage is loaded. After lunch at the hotel, you’ll enjoy a scenic tour before boarding the luxury Spanish train.

Your Al Andalus Train tour will see you visit Cadiz, the oldest city in the West, for a tour and some free time to explore. Then, it’s off to see the equestrian ballet and visit a sherry bodega before travelling to Cordoba for a city tour. Then Úbeda and Baeza are next up, both stunningly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Cities, before heading into Granada for a tour of the Alhambra. The final leg of the Train Al Andalus tour is a coach journey into Malaga to end the trip in the Club Lounge of the Málaga-María Zambrano train station.

Set About an Unforgettable Al Andalus Train Tour Taking In Astonishing Landscapes and Historical Landmarks

The region of Andalusia is an out-and-out jewel in the crown of Europe. It delivers a host of exceptional world-famous wonders for passengers enjoying luxury train travel. Spain is renowned for having some genuinely remarkable structures, and an Al Andalus train tour will deliver plentiful opportunities to indulge in throughout the journey. Andalusia is breathtaking, from winding through the stunning mountains to the region’s olive groves.

As well as the journey between destinations offering something unique, the cities along the Al Andalus train route never fail to deliver. From the mighty Sevilla Cathedral and Plaza de España to the white village of Ronda and the Mosque of Cordoba, you will be inspired and humbled. With its incredible landscapes and countless historical landmarks, Al Andalus Train trips allow you to discover the region, its history, and its wonderful people.

Enjoy Luxury Train Travel in Spain and Witness the Southern Region’s Most Architecturally Beautiful Cities

Tren Al Andalus holidays provide a fabulous insight into Andalusia’s most outstanding architectural marvels, where every destination holds moments of elegance and charm. These luxury train trips in Spain will visit some of the country’s most architecturally significant sites. A treasure trove of historical architectural wonders, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region’s crown jewels. Sevilla enchants with its majestic Alcazar Palace, awe-inspiring Cathedral, and Plaza de España.

Granada beckons with its iconic Alhambra, a true testament to Moorish splendour. Cordoba has its mesmerising Mesquita, a meld of Islamic and Christian architecture that will no doubt leave you spellbound. The Al Andalus Train in Spain provides spectacular historical city adventures. If you’re a connoisseur of travelling in luxury and appreciate jaw-dropping architecture and city destinations, Spain’s Southern region and the Al Andalus luxury train will deliver them in abundance.

Experience an Exquisite Regional Cusine When You Embark on Your Tren Al Andalus Tour.

If you’re contemplating booking your Train Al Andalusia tickets and exploring this beautiful part of Spain, the allure of incredible landscapes and culinary delights should be enough to convince you that it’ll be the trip of a lifetime. This luxury Spanish train will take you on a voyage through the heart of Andalusian culture, transcend mere travel and deliver a sensory overload. Each meal is a culinary masterpiece from the moment you settle into your plush suite.

Depending on the travel schedule, you’ll enjoy an onboard breakfast during these luxury train trips in Spain, with lunches and dinners served in the dining car or at a local restaurant. Wherever you eat in Andalusia, every meal is guaranteed to deliver a symphony of fresh flavours, a testament to the region’s rich heritage. Al Andalus Train prices include all meals and a selection of stunning wines, liquors, tea, and coffee.

Spend Your Tren Al Andalus Holiday in the Height of Luxury Staying in the Most Sumptuous Onboard Accommodations

The Al Andalus train prices reflect the levels of luxury, where the opulent accommodations and onboard facilities redefine the meaning of premium comfort. Tren Al Andalus tours are highly decadent, partly thanks to its magnificent choice of suites. The train is the longest on Spanish track at some 450 metres and includes 14 wagons. The English monarchy travelled in these beautifully renovated carriages back in the 1920s, and they now house twenty deluxe suites and twelve Grand Class Room Suites. 

Suites come with air-conditioning private bathroom facilities, and you’ll always have a steward on hand. Your suite will transform from a very cosy bedroom into a day suite, giving you plenty of room to relax and rejuvenate between destinations on your Tren Al Andalus holiday. Al Andalus Train trips provide breathing space to surrender to the allure of absolute luxury as you embark on a voyage through the heart of this magical region.

Booking Your Luxury Train Travel in Spain Couldn’t be Easier. Please Speak With our Experts Today!

If taking a laid-back journey through Andalusia, absorbing the mountain scenery and the endless greenery of the region’s olive groves, dining on magnificent local delicacies, and travelling in a luxurious onboard suite fit for royalty sounds like a trip that ticks all the right boxes, you need to treat yourself to a stay on the Al Andalus Train in Spain. To learn more about itineraries, departure dates, and the Al Andalus Train price point, call us and speak with our expert advisors, who will gladly assist you in booking your trip on this luxury Spanish train.


Train Al Andalus FAQs

According to the travel schedule, your Tren Al Andalus costs include your gourmet meals, both onboard and at local restaurants. You’ll also have access to fantastic wines, liquors, teas, and coffee, guided tours to the region’s most spectacular historical sites, and onboard entertainment. For the price of your Train Al Andalus tickets, you get your opulent onboard suite, personalised service, and access to iconic destinations that promise an unforgettable adventure of Spanish culture and landscapes.

A place on a Tren Al Andalus tour is highly sought after due to the luxurious vintage carriages, fabulous onboard gourmet cuisine, breathtaking scenic route, and the selection of destinations visited during the journey. The Andalusian region is renowned for its diverse landscapes, and passengers relish the magnificent blend of history and comfort while enjoying cultural off-train excursions to some incredibly iconic landmarks along the way.

The Al Andalus luxury train typically operates seasonally from springtime to autumn, offering luxurious journeys through southern Spain’s’ most scenic landscapes. The schedule and the Al Andalus Train price vary annually, ensuring passengers receive an optimal travel experience during favourable weather conditions and cultural events.

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