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South Africa

If you’re considering adventuring away from home and treating yourself to a dose of luxury, Blue Train Tours can offer you the experience you’re looking for. The Blue Train South Africa is a genuine icon in luxury train travel and an enterprise that this magnificent country is enormously proud of. Operated by Transnet Freight Rail, our Blue Train holiday packages offer you a magical way of travelling from Pretoria to Cape Town while enjoying unbeatable hospitality that has been a trademark of Blue Train trips since 1946.

South Africa’s Legendary Blue Train Luxury Tours

Below are the rail tours we offer that use the Blue Train. Just click on any tour to open a PDF containing all you need to know about the trip including a detailed itinerary, dates and prices.

● Please remember that booking as far ahead as you can in advance is essential for these trains ●

South Africa’s Blue Train Gallery

A selection of photos below give a flavour of life on board the Blue Train.

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South Africa’s Blue Train Tours: Elegance and Sophistication on Rails

South Africa’s Blue Train has been synonymous with the warmth of its hospitality and the opulence of its accommodation since making its debut in the late 1940s. Whether you’re looking to sit back, kick your shoes off, and unwind on the 2-night Blue Train Cape Town to Pretoria route or the reverse journey, these Blue Train South Africa specials offer a truly unique glimpse into some of the country’s most stunning diverse scenery.

As a guest boarding Blue Train tours in South Africa, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the lap of luxury for the duration of your journey. From a dedicated butler and spacious and beautifully designed cabin to the observation car and incredible onboard dining, the luxury Blue Train South Africa will continue to draw you in and impress you at every turn. Blue Train prices for upcoming tours represent immense value, and the Blue Train Express is something everyone should experience.

African Blue Train Holidays: From Cape Town to Pretoria in Opulent Style

The Luxury Train Travel Company’s Blue Train holiday packages allow you to steep your soul in the wonderful things this country offers. Once you’ve boarded the Blue Train, Cape Town to Pretoria route, you’re in for a first-class treat as you’ll have some magical opportunities and off-train excursions made available to you. You could add a “rail safari” to your South African Blue Train package and visit the Kruger National Park to see South Africa’s big five: elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, and buffalo.

If off-train excursions aren’t your thing, the luxury Blue Train South Africa won’t leave you short of enjoyable experiences. You could relax in the observation car and enjoy a glass of champagne on your Blue Train holiday. The landscape along the route is mesmerising; you could spend hours taking in the spectacular vistas. If you want to cocoon yourself in your luxurious suite while resting easy on the African Blue Train, bury your head in a good book and watch the world go by on one of our Blue Train holidays in South Africa.

Blue Train South Africa Prices: Luxury Meets Affordability

Luxury and affordability are two words that will have a unique meaning to each of us. But one thing that can’t be argued is the luxury of South Africa’s Blue Train. Available packages for 2024/25 will introduce you to the height of luxury rail travel that can comfortably be set side by side with any luxury trains currently operating worldwide. The Blue Train South Africa route, north or southbound, allows its passengers to indulge like royalty.

Blue Train prices also represent incredible monetary worth. Blue train packages can be booked as part of a wider-reaching South African adventure or as a 3-day and 2-night short getaway. A Blue Train travel package is something that everyone should experience, and thanks to our Blue Train prices being so reasonable, they can. Our Blue Train holidays in South Africa start at over USD 1,500 and provide absolute luxury and comfort, including your meals, wine, and cigars, if that’s your thing.

Blue Train Specials: Exclusive Deals for the Discerning Traveller

Here at The Luxury Train Travel Company, we want to give our clientele the most rewarding experience when booking one of our Blue Train holiday packages. We have long excelled in customer service and assisting in providing Blue Train trips that far exceed expectations. For many guests boarding South Africa’s Blue Train, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, maybe the beginning of a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary, or a retirement treat.

Our Blue Train specials have been curated to ensure the finest of details have been taken care of as we make every effort possible to ensure your time aboard the African Blue Train is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Whether you want to book the Blue Train Cape Town to Pretoria or the return Blue Train tour, we’re with you every step to ensure it’s perfect. Check out our Blue Train specials and speak to an expert here who will help you get the best deal for your luxury rail journey in South Africa.

Available Blue Train Packages: Tailored for Every Adventurous Soul

Even though many people are never fortunate enough not to treat themselves, we all love an adventure. The Luxury Train Travel Company is here to make it easy for you to book that dream trip in the form of one of our beautifully curated Blue Train tours in South Africa. And if you’re seeking adventure, what an adventure this is, and you get to enjoy it all in the lap of luxury. Our Blue Train South Africa specials promise you the experience you’ve been missing, and you’ll experience it in total comfort.

Whichever Blue Train travel package you settle on as your dream journey, you can experience the finest of the country, from South Africa’s “Big Five” the elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, and rhino, to Kimberley Open Mine Museum. Onboard, you’ll indulge in best-in-class accommodation and onboard service, including a butler. Along the Blue Train South Africa route, you can enjoy fine wines and champagne, spectacular meals prepared onboard, and relax in the bar or observation car.

The Classic Route: Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town and Beyond

The classic and most popular route is the Blue Train trip to Cape Town. The journey begins in Pretoria, some 1600km northeast of the port city of Cape Town. You’ll register and then check in to the Blue Train lounge for a midday departure. Your Blue Train tour will begin with canapés being served. High Tea is served at 4 p.m. before you can dress for one of two dinner settings in a jacket or waistcoat for the gentlemen and elegant wear for the ladies.

After enjoying a stunning fine dining meal, you could relax at the bar or retire in your luxury cabin for the evening. Day 2 sees South Africa’s Blue Train arrive at Kimberly station for your excursion to the Open Mine Museum. You’ll depart around midday for lunch onboard the Blue Train Express. Day 3 will see your Blue Train South Africa route end as you arrive at Cape Town Station at 6 p.m., where you’ll depart to continue your journey.

A Journey to Remember: The Blue Train Express Adventure

Luxury train travel has always provided a beautifully laid-back way of journeying from one destination to the next. Unlike other forms of transport, a trip onboard the African Blue Train is as much about the journey itself as it is about reaching Cape Town or Pretoria. Our Blue Train tours in South Africa include adventure, excitement, and thrills while remaining relaxed in total luxury. Our Blue Train tour packages are wonderfully designed to optimise unique opportunities and create a lifetime of incredible memories.

Blue Train Trips in South Africa: Discover the Country’s Hidden Gems

Blue Train trips allow the discerning traveller to explore the magical country in a way that no other method of transport allows. Whether you’re booked on the Blue Train Cape Town to Pretoria route, the reverse journey, or both, you’ll get a unique perspective of South Africa. You could book one of our Blue Train available packages as a stand-alone trip or use a journey on the Blue Train Express to embellish a wide-ranging tour of the country to discover more of its secrets and hidden gems.

Luxury Blue Train Tour Packages: Curated for Ultimate Travel Bliss

Each Blue Train travel package has been carefully curated to produce lifelong experiences and memories. Whether it’s your first Blue Train trip to Cape Town or your tenth, you’ll never be let down by the tremendous level of onboard luxury and the experiences along the route. The Blue Train South Africa route is extraordinary, and even the most seasoned luxury traveller will be dazzled by the opulence and old-world charm of any of these Blue Train tours.


Blue Train Holidays FAQs

The Blue Train specials at The Luxury Train Travel Company provide incredible value for money when taking a luxury train journey through South Africa or another continent. The landscapes you’ll see across SA are very diverse and offer something truly unique. The Blue Train trips in South Africa from either Cape Town or Pretoria make for an incredible journey. Blue Train prices are dependent on several factors. The price can change significantly between the high and low seasons, depending on which luxury cabin you choose. If you opt for a luxury double cabin in the low season, you can expect the price to be around USD 1800, and a deluxe single occupancy cabin in the high season will be USD 2500+.

Blue Train specials are sometimes available throughout the year. If you are considering any of our Blue Train holiday packages available through our website, contact an expert at The Luxury Train Travel Company, and we’ll help you get the best available deal at that time.

It would be fair to say that all the routes currently available onboard South Africa’s Blue Train are very popular. It depends on whether the three days and two nights onboard your Blue Train tour will be your entire vacation or whether your stay onboard the luxury Blue Train South Africa is being optimised to transport you to Pretoria or Cape Town to continue your journey.

The Pretoria to Hoedspruit is returning, and this Blue Train travel package is being run as a “rail safari” and will take in Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is one of the country’s top three destinations and will provide ample opportunity to witness Africa’s Big Five. These particular Blue Train tour packages will be running with a route from Pretoria to Hoedspruit, including the 19-hour overnight journey, arriving at 5 a.m. and then returning at 10 a.m. the following morning.

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