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A fascinating part of the world containing three distinct cultures the contrasts of the mega cities of China against the remoteness of Mongolia and Siberia – yet all accessible by luxury rail journeys. For the purposes of our rail tours North East Asia covers China, Mongolia and Russia.

China & Trans-Siberian Luxury Rail Tours & Holidays

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Regional Highlights of North East Asia

The following highlights of North East Asia can be visited on our luxury rail tours and offer world class experiences.

North East Asia Highlights BAM


Baikal Amur Line

The Baikal Amur Mainline or BAM for short runs around 400km north of the Trans-Siberian through a wilder landscape and remote towns.

North East Asia Highlights Beijing



China’s capital is a city of contrasts between the modern present and Imperial past. Beijing is the start of routes to Tibet and Moscow.

North East Asia Highlights Dunhuang



This Silk Road desert oasis offers up large dunes just outside of the city and the beautiful Crescent lake sitting in the desert.

North East Asia Highlights Ekaterinburg



This large city sitting in the rolling Ural mountains is an important stop on the Trans-Siberian for Russian history from the Tsars to Yeltsin.

North East Asia Highlights Irkutsk



This Siberian city is the gateway to vast and beautiful Lake Baikal but is worth seeing in its own right for the traditional wooden architecture.

North East Asia Highlights Jiayuguan



A Chinese garrison town on the Silk Road known for its vast Fort known as the “Mouth of China” beyond which were only barbarians.

North East Asia Highlights Kashgar



Kashgar feels more Central Asian than Chinese and has been an important trade hub for millennia. From here the karakorum highway starts.

North East Asia Highlights Kazan



Kazan is a melting pot of culture and this vibrant Russian city on the Volga river has a Kremlin with both a Cathedral and Mosque in its grounds.

North East Asia Highlights Khabarovsk



Located just inside Russia but close to the Chinese border this is a prosperous city on the banks of the vast Amur River.

North East Asia Highlights Krasnoyarsk



Situated in the centre of Siberia Krasnoyarsk offers some accessible and beautiful scenery with the Stolby National Park close by.

North East Asia Highlights Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal

Located in the heart of Siberia this vast lake is surrounded by mountains and villages and Trans-Siberian tours spend time here.

North East Asia Highlights Tibet



Sitting in China’s South West the Tibetan Plateau offers the rail traveller a unique culture and architecture to experience.

North East Asia Highlights Mongolia



Remote Mongolia is a unique destination of rolling steppe, mountains, lakes and nomadic culture providing an adventurous experience.

North East Asia Highlights Moscow



Russia’s iconic Capital is the traditional start of a Trans-Siberian rail adventure Westbound to either Beijing, Mongolia or Vladivostok.

North East Asia Highlights Novosibirsk



Siberia’s largest city is an important stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway and has some good museums and one of Russia’s best opera houses.

North East Asia Highlights St Petersburg


St Petersburg

St Petersburg is the jewel in Russia’s architectural crown and an easy add-on to a Trans-Siberian tour being just 4 hours from Moscow.

North East Asia Highlights Tibet Train


Tibet Railway

The high altitude Tibet Railway is a true feat of engineering as it ends it way across the vast Tibetan Plateau through remote scenery.

North East Asia Highlights Turpan



Located below sea level on the Silk Road Turpan has a variety of historical sites in and around the city and is one of the hottest places in China.

North East Asia Highlights Ulan Ude


Ulan Ude

Ulan Ude is where East meets West and is the Capital of Buryatia with a mix of Russian and Mongolian culture and Buddhist sites.

North East Asia Highlights Vladivostok



The Pacific port city of Vladivostok is the end – or start! – of the Trans-Siberian and offers an is refreshingly cosmopolitan.

North East Asia Highlights Xining



Xining is a remote town and gateway to the Tibet Railway. The chief attraction is the Ta’er Si Monastery just outside of the city.

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