Belmond Andean Explorer Peru: The Best Luxury Train Tour in Peru!

Peru including Cusco, Arequipa & Lake Titicaca

If you’re considering an adventure on a luxury train in Peru, the Belmond Andean Explorer presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy the incredible highlights this region of Latin America offers in total opulence. The Belmond Andean Explorer in Peru travels along one of the highest-altitude train routes in the world and provides access to some magical destinations and incomparable landscapes along the way.

Belmond Andean Explorer Luxury Train Tours in Peru

Below you cna find two luxury tours to Peru which include the Belmond Andean Explorer. Note we only sell this train as part of a Peru itinerary but can tailor either of these trips to meet your needs in collaboration with our sister website, The Latin America Travel Company.

● Please remember that booking as far ahead as you can in advance is essential for these trains ●

Belmond Andean Explorer Luxury train Gallery

A selection of photos below give a flavour of life on board the Belmond Andean Explorer.

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Experience The Best Luxury Train Travel Peru Offers with the Legendary Belmond Andean Tour

A luxury train ride in Peru onboard Andean Explorer is a luxury everyone deserves to experience at some point. Luxury train travel in Peru doesn’t come any better than with this perfectly designed and finished contemporary express. Passengers get effortlessly drawn into the awe-inspiring landscapes on the Belmond luxury train in Peru, allowing for the adventure of a lifetime, and with multiple incredible destinations to choose from, these rail itineraries are unmatched.

You could take the train to Puno from Cusco or relax onboard the luxury train from Cusco to Machu Picchu. You’re in for a real treat whichever route you choose for your Latin America experience. Belmond journeys in Peru are a step up in terms of extravagance concerning rail tours, and The Luxury Train Travel Company are proud and excited to be a part of your luxury train trip in Peru.

Discover the History, Culture & Cuisine Of Peru On The Andean Explorer

This unbelievable orient express train in Peru furnishes its guests with some truly world-class destinations and experiences. Andean Explorer passengers can immerse themselves in some truly wonderful historical gems, cultural highlights, and dining wonders. This luxury Peru train is a gift that keeps on giving for the entire length of the journey, and that is a tough act to follow, and no passengers ever go home without a plethora of incredible memories.

For your Andean Explorer Peru price, you can traverse the country’s mountainous beauty as you take this luxury train from Cusco to Lake Titicaca or head toward the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu. While en route to your final destination, the Belmond train in Peru will douse you with rich cultural experiences and introduce you to some stunning regional cuisines, both aboard the Peru Belmond train and during off-train excursions.

One And Two Night Belmond Explorer Options With A Selection of Different Peru Luxury Train Routes To Choose From

The Luxury Train Travel Company has a full complement of Belmond Andean Explorer journeys to choose from with fantastic itineraries. This Orient Express train in Peru offers passengers the height of luxury along one of the world’s highest rail routes. The Belmond Andean Explorer in Peru climbs to 4800 metres before arriving at Lake Titicaca, allowing travellers to hike the Inca trail toward Machu Picchu and explore the Sumbay Caves

You can enjoy one or more of the journeys onboard the Belmond luxury train in Peru that complement each other or add a trip on the train, Puno to Cusco, a Lima to Cusco luxury train journey, or any of the following itineraries to supplement a longer stay in the country and make the travelling more adventurous and exciting. The Belmond Peru train price varies depending on your chosen journey, so read through the below trips and determine which suits your needs the best.

Peruvian Highlands –  2 Nights: Cusco – Puno – Arequipa

This two-night luxury train ride in Peru departs the ancient capital city of the Incan Empire; you’ll be able to relax in total luxury as you wind your way through the spectacular landscape. You’ll surrender to the luxury these Belmond journeys in Peru offer from the moment you step onboard. You see Lake Titicaca, enjoy a boat ride to the islands of the Uros, Saracocha Lagoon, Lake Lagunillas, and Sumbay caves on these incredible Belmond tours in Peru.

Spirit Of The Andes – 1 Night: Puno – Cusco

If you’re searching for a brief but spectacular journey aboard this Andean Peru luxury train, Puno to Cusco provides an enchanting introduction to this beautifully scenic part of South America. You’ll board the Belmond Andean Explorer at around noon in Puno, close to Lake Titicaca, relax in luxury, and enjoy a glass of wine in the bar car and a fine dining meal. Day 2 starts with an early breakfast as you enjoy scenic views on your way into Cusco, the once-capital city of the Incan empire.

Spirit Of The Water – 1 Night: Cusco – Puno

Hop onboard the Peru Explorer train overnight from Cusco to Puno. Relax in your luxury accommodation as you depart the Incan Empire’s once-capital city and travel through the panoramic landscape. Marvel at the stunning La Raya mountain range before enjoying an elegant onboard dining experience on this Peru train. Luxury shrouds you for your journey to Puno on this Andean train in Peru, and you’ll have a lifetime of incredible memories to take home.

Andean Plains And Islands Of Discovery – 2 Nights: Arequipa – Puno – Cusco

Departing from Arequipa, this luxury train to Cusco will get you to your destination at the height of luxury. You pass through the country’s most remarkable destinations, including the stunning and picturesque Lake Titicaca. Relax on this two-night Belmond Express in Peru, unwind in your opulent cabin, socialise in the bar car and enjoy the onboard entertainment. You’ll also be able to watch the sunrise over the La Raya mountains as you make your way toward Cusco on this Belmond Explorer in Peru.

Book a Luxury Train From Cusco to Lake Titicaca On The Belmond Andean Explorer Today!

Taking a luxury train from Cusco to Lake Titicaca gives travellers a truly unique perspective of this incredible South American country. Departing from Cusco on the Belmond Andean Explorer will be an introduction to a country with more than 5000 years of history, a place full of adventure, delicious gastronomy, rich culture, and stunning world-famous destinations. Embarking on the Andean Explorer is the ultimate Peruvian escape for your next adventure.

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of the luxury train in Peru meandering along the tracks with the sun rising over Lake Titicaca, enjoying a stunning early morning breakfast before your tour introduces you to the rich biodiversity of the lake itself. Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and is a sight to behold. This luxury train trip in Peru will include a traditional boat ride to the Uros islands, something you’ll always remember.

Interested In A Belmond Andean Explorer Luxury Train Tour in Peru? Speak To Our Experts Today!

If you’re roused by the thought of exploring this part of Latin America and want to learn more about any of the itineraries we offer, we’ll gladly help. Whether you want to hop on a Lima to Cusco luxury train, a luxury train from Cusco to Machu Picchu, or determine the Belmond Peru train cost, our experts are on-hand to advise and guide you to ensure you get the best possible luxury Peru train trip.


Belmond Andean Explorer Peru FAQs

Your Belmond Peru tour price will depend on several key factors. Firstly, we can arrange either a one or two-night trip on the Andean Explorer in Peru and obviously, the length of your journey will affect the Peru Andean Explorer train cost. You’ll also need to factor in which of the three accommodation styles you wish to call home for the duration of your stay onboard the Peru Belmond train. You can choose between a bunk bed, twin bed, and suite cabin. Each of the accommodation options offers total luxury, but as you would expect, the more spacious suite cabins will add to the overall Andean Peru luxury train cost. Your Belmond Peru tour price could start from a little over $1200, which represents fantastic value for the experiences you’ll have and the memories you’ll take home with you.

The Belmond Andean Explorer operates four journeys along one of the world’s highest train routes. The journeys are the Peruvian Highlands, Andean Plains & Islands of Discovery, Spirit of the Water, and Spirit of the Andes. The Peruvian Highlands Belmond explorer in Peru is a 3-day, 2-night journey that travels from Cusco to Arequipa via Puno. The Andean Plains & Islands of Discovery is a 2-night, 2-day adventure on the Andean train in Peru that begins its journey in Arequipa, travelling through Puno and arriving in Cusco to end the adventure. Spirit of the Water offers travellers a shorter but no less spectacular experience onboard the Belmond train in Peru. It is a 1-day and 1-night adventure from Cusco to Puno, and the Spirit of the Andes is a reverse journey from Puno to Cusco. A journey through Peru on the Andean Explorer provides a host of opportunities for passengers to experience the country’s most spectacular cities and highlights. The Peru explorer train offers the chance to see Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Uros Islands, and Colca Canyon. Luxury train travel in Peru doesn’t get better than with the Andean Explorer, and the Peru Andean Explorer train cost is worth every penny, whichever itinerary you choose to experience.

There is no official dress code for the passengers onboard the Belmond Express in Peru, although there are occasions during a trip on the Belmond Andean Explorer in Peru where you’ll have the opportunity to dress up for dinner. Your clothing choices will also depend on what off-train excursions you are going to be getting involved in. On top of the Peru luxury train cost, you could add in a hike to Machu Picchu, where you’ll need to pack the appropriate attire. And although Peru train luxury doesn’t get better than this, you will need to pack for the climate.

Depending on which journey the Belmond Andean Explorer in Peru is departing on and the number of bookings taken, the Andean Explorer can have between 24 and 35 cabins. Regardless of how many passengers there are onboard during these Belmond tours in Peru, there is ample space on the train, and it never feels overcrowded. Between the luxurious cabins, dining cars, lounge bar, and observation deck, you can relax on the train to Puno from Cusco or any other journey available on the Andean Explorer.

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