Exploring Japan’s Opulent Rails: A Guide to the Most Luxurious Train Journeys in Japan

Hop onboard as we embark on a lavish adventure into the world of luxury trains in Japan! In this guide, we’ll look closer at luxury Japanese train travel and unveil the secrets behind how and why these indulgent escapes are so revered. From the panoramic views to world-class dining experiences, get ready to discover the pinnacle of rail travel sophistication in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Seven Stars in Kyushu: Japan’s Premier Luxury Sleeper Train Experience

Ranked as the top choice in Condé Nast Traveller’s Readers Choice Awards 2023 list for The Best Train Trips in the World, embarking aboard this Japanese luxury sleeper train requires more than simply purchasing your ticket and packing your bag. Competition for places can be intense, leading to a lottery system deciding who gets a cabin. Seven Stars in Kyushu provides a genuinely sumptuous voyage no matter what journey you choose. From the moment you step onboard this Japanese luxury train, a world of refined comfort and impeccable service will envelop you. Whether relaxing in your deluxe suite, enjoying a cocktail in the bar, enjoying tea in the tea room, or experiencing local delicacies in the Junpiter Dining Car, it’s plain to see why many consider Seven Star In Kyoshu Japan’s most luxurious train.

Spacia X: A Futuristic Journey on Japan’s Luxury Train Rails

With the Spacia X design language taking a nod from Edo culture, the fretwork and bamboo wickerwork detailing on this luxury train in Japan are a spectacular celebration of traditional arts and crafts. Spacia X offers a Japan luxury train journey that seamlessly merges the past with the future, whisking passengers through stunning countryside in unmatched style along the Tobu Railway Nikko Line. These Japan luxury train tours indulge their guests in gourmet delights as they take in the views from the vast panoramic windows. Spacia X is more than just a method of transport to get you from Asakusa to Nikko. It is Japan luxury train travel in its pomp.

Twilight Express Mizukaze: The Ultimate Japanese Luxury Sleeper Train Adventure

Can you picture yourself gliding through the picturesque countryside on a Japanese luxury sleeper train heading toward Kyoto or Shimonoseki? A Japan luxury train tour on the Twilight offers passengers an extraordinary journey. The carriages offer supremely plush interiors adorned with traditional motifs that make for a highly comfortable trip. Once onboard, exquisite Japanese gourmet meals are served to the highest standards. The Twilight Express Mizukaze furnishes those lucky enough to have a ticket a glimpse into a bygone era of travel romance. This is a high-end Japan luxury sleeper train where you’ll be able to indulge in an enchanting odyssey that epitomises the quality and comfort of the most luxurious train in Japan. 

Tohoku Emotion: Gourmet Dining on Japan’s Luxury Train Tour

Although far from being the most expensive train ride in Japan, this exquisitely designed train comprises three railcars: One car is an open kitchen, car number two contains private compartments, and the third is the fabulous dining area. Jump onboard this luxury train in Japan for the non-stop outbound journey from Hachinohe to Kuji or the return leg that stops at Taneseshikaigan, Same, and Hon-Hachinohe. Passengers enjoy magnificent views along the Sanriku Coast, and this luxury Japanese train slows down at the most scenic points of the journey to allow guests to absorb the region’s natural beauty. The incredible cuisine served includes a lunch course, afternoon tea, and desserts, depending on which journey is taken, all adding to how memorable this trip is.

Sunrise Seto & Sunrise Izumo: Overnight Elegance with Japan’s Sleeper Train Service

If you’re visiting Japan, luxury train holidays don’t get any more exciting than an overnight adventure on one of these trains. The Sunrise Seto and the Sunrise Izumo are long-distance luxury trains in Japan that are coupled when they leave Tokyo before separating at Okoyama and heading to Izumo and Takamatsu, respectively. Each Japanese luxury sleeper train comprises seven cars and represents the country’s last regularly scheduled sleeper service, providing passengers with onboard showers, vending machines, sleeping platforms, and stretch-out seats. Passengers on the inbound journey stop at Sannomiya and Osaka once Seto and Izumo have re-coupled. The last of a dying breed in Japan, luxury train journey experiences like this must be savoured before they disappear entirely!

Shiki-Shima Exclusive Luxury Train Travel Through Japan’s Scenic Beauty

The Shiki-Shima offers you the opportunity to take the most expensive train ride in Japan, and it’s well worth it as the journey gives passengers a unique insight into Japanese culture and the country’s breathtaking wild beauty. Highly sought after and habitually at capacity, this Japan sleeper train has a range of luxurious suites, including the two-floor Shiki-Shima Suite, complete with traditional furnishings and a bespoke cypress bathtub where you can rest and relax. The onboard dining room reaffirms Shiki-Shima’s reputation as Japan’s most luxurious train as guests are served stunning fine dining cuisine that exploits seasonal ingredients from each region. If your pockets are deep enough, Japan train luxury like this will be hard to beat.

Aru Ressha: A Gastronomic Voyage on Japan’s Luxury Train

The Aru Ressha is a luxury train in Japan that had its name revived back in 2015 after over one hundred in the shadows. This luxurious train operates between the port town of Hakata and Yufuin, offering travellers one round trip daily. Boasting two stunning rail cars that combine two and four-seat configurations, using maple wood in car one to private rooms in car two with darker, richer walnut, this luxury train in Japan is truly impressive. The dining experience during this Japan luxury train journey is second to none and directed by world-clas chef Yoshihiro Narisawa. His captivating menu offers passengers fish and meat dishes, sweets, and mini-sweets created using the finest products, treating diners to an unforgettable culinary escapade.

Saphir Odoriko: Coastal Elegance on Japan’s Luxury Train Route

If you’re exploring travel options, you’ll have to go a long way to find a better way than this to travel in Japan. Train luxury like this gives passengers access to authentic attractions, spectacular natural beauty, and places of historical and cultural significance. This exquisite luxury train in Japan is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s an immersive journey through Japanese history. Once onboard one of these Japan luxury train tours, travellers are treated to incredible gourmet delicacies in absolute comfort while watching the stunningly attractive landscapes slide by as they gaze through the panoramic windows of their carriage. With meticulously designed and finished interiors that provide a traditional Japanese aesthetic, this is one of the luxury trains in Japan that must be experienced.

36+3: A Unique Thank You from the Most Luxurious Train in Japan

A trip onboard this spectacularly finished black and gold luxury Japanese train is like stepping into a time capsule where the ultimate elegance combines with contemporary mastery. Passengers can recline in sizable, plush cabins trimmed with traditional Japanese craftsmanship while traversing the picturesque landscape. The onboard serenity offers luxury train travel in Japan at its finest. Exquisite dining, attentive service, and observation decks all add to the magnificence of a stay onboard during one of the five scheduled scenic routes. Depending on which day you travel, the 36+3 will allow you to see seven prefectures from a starting point of Fukuoka. 


Japan’s Luxury Train FAQs

Luxury train travel in Japan surpasses regular rail services by some distance, even though the rail system in the country is well-known for being very comfortable, clean, and superbly efficient. In Japan, luxury train tours really do go above and beyond and offer passengers opulent accommodations, world-class dining, and exclusive onboard experiences such as luxury bathing facilities, observation decks, and two-storey suites. The Japanese prioritise comfort and quality to create a unique travel experience that combines incredible Japanese hospitality with breathtaking landscapes, making Japan’s most luxurious train journeys unforgettable.

Booking your place on luxury trains in Japan is a simple process. You can visit the train operator’s official website or contact several reputable travel agencies specialising in luxury train travel. Some services offer Japan luxury train holidays on a lottery system if they receive more booking applications than available spaces, so booking well before your travel date is advisable.

The cost of travelling on luxury trains in Japan can vary significantly, from as low as a couple of hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars for the most expensive train ride in Japan. These figures are per person, depending on route, the journey duration, the level of luxury offered and subsequent amenities. These high-end trail journeys regularly feature incredibly lavish accommodations and fine gourmet dining experiences catering to the discerning traveller seeking unparalleled comfort and service. The luxury train Japan price variation is based on the selected package of the traveller, but there are often good deals to be had, although you’ll need to be quick as these tickets sell very quickly. 

The Japanese are renowned for their incredible dining experiences, which are carried through into Japan’s most luxurious train journeys. The Seven Stars in Kyushu and the Twilight Express Mizukaze offer their passengers Michelin-star dining. Both trains showcase a top-notch culinary adventure, with gourmet meals prepared by highly skilled chefs using fresh, regional ingredients. Fine dining is all part of the grand appeal of a Japan luxury train tour and helps to create a more memorable journey. 

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