Discover the Real Australia from Coast to Outback with Luxury Train Travel in Australia

Welcome to the eye-opening world of luxury train travel in Australia. Luxury train journeys in Australia enable the discovery of the best of what the country has to offer, from the spectacular coastline to the rugged outback. Rail trips in Australia allow you to immerse yourself in diverse landscapes and vibrant cultural experiences, all from the comfort and refinement of these world-class trains. From the country’s bustling coastal cities to the serene expanses of the bush, with its spectacular red soil scenery at its heart, these routes offer an unrivalled way to explore the country’s natural spectacles and iconic landmarks. 

Immerse Yourself in Amazing Scenery and Breathtaking Views with the Best Luxury Rail Tours Australia Offers!

Submerse yourself in the world of rail tours in Australia and experience awe-inspiring scenery and breathtaking panoramas with the finest curated journeys on offer. Travel through the beautifully lush vineyards and majestic coastal stretches onboard the most luxurious train in Australia, indulging in opulent amenities, gastronomic delights, and personalised service. Each luxury train in Australia ensures every moment of your journey is unforgettable while you marvel at the changing vistas from the serenity of your plush cabin.

From the iconic Ghan traversing the Red Centre to the Indian Pacific connecting the east and west coasts, these great train trips in Australia provide a unique and unequalled way to explore the natural wonders in style and comfort. 

Explore the Best Train Trips in Australia!

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, taking in the breathtaking spectacles of the country’s most recognisable landscapes. These train rides in Australia could take you from Adelaide to Darwin, Sydney to Perth, or Brisbane to Cairns. Trains including the iconic Ghan, originally known as the Afghan Express, the Indian Pacific, and the Spirit of Queensland could be your chariot of choice. Whichever you choose, these luxury train trips in Australia deliver magical experiences and unforgettable moments, making rail travel in the country a must for any adventurer seeking to explore nature’s effortless beauty. 

The Ghan Luxury Train Journey: Darwin to Adelaide, Adelaide to Alice Springs or Darwin to Alice Springs

Originally named the Afghan Express after the trailblazing cameleers forged a lasting footprint into the country’s Red Centre more than 150 years ago, this train trip across Australia offers an unmatched experience. With three incredible routes: Darwin to Adelaide, Adelaide to Darwin, or Darwin to Alice Springs, each adventure promises jaw-dropping landscapes, incredible gourmet experiences, and world-renowned service. This luxury train in Australia traverses the rugged outback, visits the Red Centre’s most iconic scenery, and offers curated excursions to showcase the country’s rich heritage and natural wonders. Whether you travel the full route or opt for a shorter adventure, The Ghan provides unforgettable Australian train tours.

The Indian Pacific Luxury Train Tour: Sydney to Perth via Adelaide

Head for the horizon on a journey of intrigue and exploration aboard the Indian Pacific, one of the finest rail journeys in Australia. The Indian Pacific traverses from Sydney to Perth on the country’s west coast, providing a magnificent window of opportunity to experience the picturesque Australian landscape. Indulge in unparalleled comfort and enjoy exquisite cuisine as these luxury train trips in Australia take you from the vibrant streets of Sydney to the cultural abundance of Adelaide, and finally, to the pristine shores of Perth. This luxury train across Australia delivers a unique experience at each stop as this voyage promises a spectacular blend of luxury and discovery. 

The Great Southern Luxury Train Holiday: Brisbane to Adelaide

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary odyssey through the continent’s spine with these luxury train journeys in Australia. Depart from the energetic city of Brisbane on this exclusive journey, and watch it unfold like an opulent tapestry. This luxury train across Australia will weave its way through the sun-kissed landscapes heading for Adelaide whilst you delight in sumptuous feasts prepared by top chefs, enjoy fine wines handpicked from local vineyards, and bask in the comfort of the attentive service that defines first-class travel. As you traverse the dynamic scenery, from rugged coastlines to meandering hills, each moment of these train rides in Australia is a testament to the ultimate indulgence. 

Spirit of the Outback Luxury Train Journey: Brisbane to Longreach

Commencing a train trip across Australia onboard the Spirit of the Outback from Brisbane to Longreach promises a journey through time and terrain. As this rhythmic locomotive winds through the vast bush, you’ll be wrapped in magnificence and nostalgia. You can unwind in your plush seat, cradling you as you gaze longingly at a constantly changing landscape of rolling plains and rugged mountains. These train holidays in Australia treat passengers to an elegant dining car, offering gastronomic delights inspired by local flavours, by night, you’ll be canopied by the stars, lulled by the rhythmic sway of the train.

Why are Australian Train Tours So Popular?

Great train trips in Australia are popular for the incredibly diverse scenic routes, from rugged coastlines to plush forests. Train holidays in Australia offer a relaxed pace, allowing passengers to appreciate the beauty of this magnificent country while revelling in comfortable accommodations and gourmet dining. They provide a unique means to explore isolated and removed destinations inaccessible on any other type of holiday.

This helps foster an increased connection with the bush and its indigenous culture. Additionally, the nostalgia and romance associated with train travel attract tourists. Overall, rail trips in Australia offer a mix of adventure, luxury, and romance, making them much sought after.

Rail Journeys in Australia Offer a Wide Variety of Itineraries that Will Take Your Breath Away!

Set forth on a truly unforgettable adventure through the heart of Australia, where rail expeditions weave tales of luxurious exploration and discovery. Rail tours in Australia provide enterprising travellers access to the rugged Outback and verdant coastlines. Traverse the iconic routes, jump onboard the most luxurious train in Australia, and set out on a journey where every bend reveals a new panorama, and every station, a new hidden treasure. Whether it’s the historical charm of the Ghan or the coastal attraction of the Indian Pacific, each of these train holidays in Australia offers incredible itineraries and promises moments that will leave you in awe.


Luxury Train Tours Across Australia FAQs

The Ghan is widely recognised as the most luxurious train in Australia. The Ghan is a nearly 800m long train traversing the 3000km journey in under 60 hours. The train has a rich history and takes its name from the pioneering cameleers who journeyed the route some 150 years ago. Passengers onboard the Ghan for these train tours across Australia enjoy sumptuous accommodations, world-class dining, incredible amenities, and first-class service. 

The best train trips in Australia can run anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars. The cost of these train holidays in Australia varies significantly due to several factors, including the duration of the trip, the class of accommodation you choose, the train route, plus any additional amenities and off-train activities. Several companies are experts in arranging Australian train tours and getting the best deals. So, if you’d like to arrange one of these luxury train journeys in Australia, contact one of the travel companies that specialise in luxury train tours and you’ll get the best deal for what promises to be a dream trip.

Already recognised as the most luxurious train in Australia, The Ghan is also accepted to provide passengers with the most scenic journeys. With its route stretching from Darwin to Adelaide, the Ghan traverses 2,979 kilometres, highlighting disparate landscapes from the tropical north through the Red Centre to the southern plains. Some of the major features of these train holidays in Australia include Katherine Gorge, Alice Springs, and the vast bush, offering a breathtakingly unique view of the country’s best natural scenery. 

Stretching the entire width of the continent, from Sydney in the east to Perth on the west coast, the Indian Pacific is by some considerable distance the longest train trip across Australia. Covering 4350 kilometres during a 70-hour journey, the Indian Pacific is a genuinely unique experience. Passengers onboard these train holidays in Australia will also experience the longest unswerving railway line in the world measuring a quite incredible 478 kilometres of dead straight line.

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