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Although the Tsars gold train is one the most comfortable ways of traveling the Trans-Siberian, it shouldn’t be considered a luxury vacation except in the highest class category. The Tsars Gold train is a great way to explore the many destinations offered by this railway at an excellent standard of accommodation and adventure.

This section contains information about life aboard the train as well as frequently asked questions regarding booking private Tsars Gold train tours through The Luxury Train Travel Company. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Your Conductors

Every carriage has two conductors who are available round-the-clock to help you.

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Air conditioning is available on the train. Some cabins are controlled centrally while others have their own systems. Cabins of higher class have their own systems. The air conditioning only works when the train travels at least 30 km/hour.

Safety & Security

If you use common sense, the Trans-Siberian is very secure. The conductor can lock your cabin from the outside. Only conductors have access to the cabin key.


The people who look after you during your trip will always appreciate tipping. Tipping is up to you, and should be reserved for exceptional service. The final documents will contain detailed information about who and how much to tip, as well as recommendations.

Electricity & Phones

While the sockets on the train use standard Euro-plug sockets with two poles, they may be different in hotels. You should also bring an Eastern European plug adaptor along with one for China if you need it. Only Category III VI and V cabins have sockets – check with your tour guide for the correct voltage. Every carriage will have 220V AC sockets for charging. The route has good mobile coverage. For details on charges, check with your service provider.

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Hotel Check-in & Transfers

Hotel check-in time is 2pm and check out by midday. Occasionally early check-in may be possible although this cannot be guaranteed.

Airport transfers at the start and finish of your trip are only included in the package price if your flight arrives as follows:

Eastbound Trip:
MOSCOW – Flights arriving between 10 am and 4 pm
BEIJING – Flights departing between 10 am and 2 pm

Westbound Trips:
BEIJING – Flights arriving between 8 am and 1 pm
MOSCOW – Flights departing between noon and 6 pm

We can arrange private transfers for flights arriving after these times. Additional charges may apply. You can book separate tickets if you arrive by train or other means of transport.

Medical & Health

Other than having to be fully vaccinated against Covid 19, or have a valid certificate of recovery, there are no specific vaccination requirements for this trip. However, we recommend that you see your doctor for any final advice. A Russian doctor will be onboard the train through Russia, Mongolia and China. The time on the train is 16 hours. The doctor will charge fees and you’ll need to make a claim on your travel insurance.

Luggage & Clothing To Bring

Travel bags are preferred over hard-shelled suitcases on this trip. They can be difficult to carry and can be hard stowed away on trains. The dress code for the entire trip is casual. For excursions, we recommend wearing sturdy shoes. Even in summer, you can expect cold nights. You should dress modestly when visiting churches. Women are required to cover their heads with scarfs. It is important to remember that tick bites can be quite serious in Siberia from late May through late July. Therefore, long socks and trousers are recommended.

Toilets, Washing & Laundry

Sheeting and small towels are available. Depending on class booked you will have either in-cabin facilities or shared end-of-carrier facilities – see the cabin classes section for more information. Laundry services are available through hotels, and they can be paid locally.

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Dining Car & Drinks

Drinks can be purchased in the dining car as well as by the conductors of your carriage. You can pay in Euros, Russian Roubles, or US dollars. Hot or cold water can be provided by your conductor. You pay a tab for drinks purchased in the dining car. Before your trip begins, you must inform us of any special dietary requirements.

Money To Bring

It is best to have cash in US Dollars, Euros and Russian roubles with you. These can be exchanged at hotels or ATMs.

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